Falling Toast experiment!

Do the following test and fill in the form below with your results.

In the next Compass - Science class (Friday, 7 June 2019) we will look at the collected results from everyone. Make sure you have submitted your results by 12pm, Thursday 6 June 2019.

Step 1


Find an average-sized kitchen table.

(Any surface between 70 to 80 centimetres off the ground will do.)

Step 2


Take a piece of bread or toast.

Mark one side as being the ‘buttered’ side.

For instance: use a marker to write B on one side of the bread.


Conduct your tests:

  1. Put bread ‘buttered’ side up on the table.

  2. Push bread off the table. (NOTE: push gently off the table. Don’t fling it off like it is a ninja star made out of bread.)

  3. Record if the bread landed buttered side down or buttered side up.

  4. Repeat the test at least ten times.


Enter your results in the form below.