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Rough Science specialises in science outreach.

Rough Science is a science communication and outreach company based in Melbourne and Edinburgh.  Since 2011, Rough Science has produced video content, stage shows, holiday programs and class activities on a variety of themes in science.

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The Rough Science Show

Science is not explosions, foaming test tubes, and mad lab coats! It’s a way of asking questions about the world we live in. We can use it to look under the hood of the universe and see the purring motor inside.

In the Rough Science Show, science communicator Sean M Elliott tells the story of what science is all about. The show introduces critical thinking, examines science knowledge, and asks “So, what is this thing called science?”

Year 4 to 6 (Primary)
Year 7 to 10 (Secondary)
45 to 60 minutes
(Able to be altered to fit your timetable.)
Victorian Curriculum
The show addresses themes in "Science as human endeavour" across the levels.
$390 per session (GST free)

Winter Holidays 2017

Coming this July holidays: Coding, game making, and story telling!


Making Games: Introducing Stencyl

Learn programming and make computer games!

Making Games is workshop encouraging students to make their own digital games.

Do you want to make an interactive adventure game? Or a scrolling platformer?

Taking place in the first week of the Winter School Holidays, 2017.


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