Make A Robot

Holiday Program


Make your very own programmable robot!

Make a Robot is a two-day workshop (Sat 24 September to Sun 25 September) where you will make a two-wheeled robot, and learn how to control it.


The Workshop

During the two days you will make a RoughBot, comprised of the following parts:

  • An Arduino Nano (the robot's programmable brain);
  • DC motor controller, motors, and power sources;
  • A chassis (the robot's body), constructed by you and your imagination.

During the two days, you will find out how to build the RoughBot, and how to program it. (No prior knowledge about programming is needed!)

Intended for participants in aged 9 to 14, though 14+ and adult participants are also welcome.


About Rough Science

Rough Science is a science communication and outreach company based in Melbourne and Edinburgh.  Since 2011, Rough Science has produced video content, stage shows, holiday programs and class activities on a variety of themes in science.

The Venue

The workshop is proudly supported by Electron Workshop, and will be taking place on their premises at 31 Arden Street, North Melbourne VIC, 3051.


At a glance

Make A Robot: RoughBot
Two Day Workshop
Saturday 24 September to Sunday 25 September, 2016
Times: 10am to 4pm
Cost: $160
Age: Intended for 9 to 14 years old, though 14+ and adults are also welcome.
What to bring: Participants must bring their own lunch and water bottle. A computer or other device will not be necessary.


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