Introduction to Scratch

Scratch Primer - Starting an account

First Program - Algorithms, (Variables, Conditions, Loops), Counting to Ten

Extended Scratch

Simple Space Invaders on Scratch


We used this to mock up our example adventure game in the workshop. It has a great user interface, and can display graphics. Playing sounds can be problematic.

Free download from (though do consider giving them some dollars for development.)



Similar to Twine, though interface is a little more cumbersome. Displays images and plays sounds very easily. 

Available from (you may need to make a profile at first. Example games can be played through that site too.)


Inform7 allows you to create the "Zork" style text adventures. For more advanced students.

Free download from

Introduction and example: Zen and the Art of Interactive Fiction

Example games: Zork, (also available through website).

Contact Sean

I am available for workshop, or even if you have and questions or comments. 

t @seanmelliott